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John Mellencamp was born in Indiana, US, on October 7th, 1951. He is a rock/folk rock singer-songwriter, who plays the guitar and harmonica. He is most known for his use of traditional instruments and his own unique portrayal of heartland rock. His career began during the 1980s when he produced many top 10 singles from his 1982 album, 'American Fool'. Hit singles included those of 'Hurts So Good' that stayed on the number 2 spot for 4 weeks, 'Jack & Diane' and 'Hand to Hold on To'. Hurts So Good was awarded a Grammy. To date, he has staggering 22 hit singles that made it into the top 40, as well as being nominated a total of 13 times for the Grammy Awards. In 1987 he released the album, 'The Lonesome Jubilee' that featured the hit singles, 'Paper in Fire' that reached the number 9 spot, and 'Cherry Bomb' that made it to number 8 on the Billboard Charts. During 1989, Mellencamp released an incredibly personal album, entitled 'Big Daddy' that featured the popular singles, 'Big Daddy of Them All', 'Jackie Brown' and 'Void in My Heart'. Mellencamp has oaten stated that this is his best studio album and the one that is most heartfelt. In 1994 he released the album 'Dance Naked' that featured the cover of 'Wild Night' by Van Morrison. This became a huge hit and topped the number 3 spot on the Billboard 100. During 2008, Mellencamp was famously inducted into the prestigious 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame'. His last studio album, 'Plain Spoken' was released in 2014 to critical acclaim.

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